Cocaine: why the cartels are winning | The Economist

America spends $40bn a year on the war on drugs. But its “zero tolerance” approach has done little to curb addiction or overdose rates, which are the highest in …


    Love for money is the root of every evil
    First you promote it in the movies and music
    They try and then stuck in that shit

    you should start from education and ban the shity stuff from the media
    no buyers no sellers that's it

  2. confining any product or service to the illegal market always results in astronomical profits . And since there are no business laws between cartels and gangs violence to gain market share and social ills will be manifest . Legalization is the only way out of this mess . But those who benefit – cartels , banks , militaries , prison industry , won't allow legalization .

  3. Cartels are winning since governments have their part on it. Pablo Eskobar lost because at his time the US wasn't getting any of the money made with the drug. My uncles explained to me that in the country side after the Eskobar era we could see FDA all over the places…they just took over; Nowadays, cartels are a just here to maintain fear, chaos , to distract people of even rebelling, taking over but more importantly to keep any suspicions on govs, especially US'one.

  4. United states is HEAVILY involved in the drug trade. Their "war on drugs" Is propaganda BS they feed to their dumb populace to seem legitimate. Drugs are beneficial to the united states in many ways like keeping minority neighborhoods in chaos, fueling the prison industrial complex, dumbing down people, and most of all because of its vastly lucrative profits. The drug wars in mexico also keep America's brown neighbor destabilized which is in their interest, just as they keep the brown middle east destabilized. America has its dirty hands into anything worth money. This country was built on genocide, slavery, stealing resources, wiping out cultures.

    The u.s uses mexicans and south americans as the scapegoats for the dirty drug business, but when you look at the top of the drug pyramid, you will see some dirty old, white, internationalists.

    As long as there is demand from dumb, brainwashed people, the smart and ruthless will take advantage

  5. There is no way a war of this kind can be won. As long as there are addicted people, there will be supply. The world is too big there will be always a person or organization that will take the command.

  6. this is EXACTLY why we need to legalize and regulate all drugs in the U.S. Our prohibition on these substances IS what is is keeping the cartels powerful smh.

  7. You don't exactly need a degree in journalism or economics to figure this one out. Market + supply = imports or smuggling, depending on whether the drug is legal or not. It is inevitable, and the main reason why something as stupid as the "war on drugs" is a colossal failure that could only have happened in the USA; the stupidest country in the world. The Chinese figured out this dynamic in the 19th century; if too late. American politicians still haven't, and keep barreling down the same path to nowhere they have for the last 50 years. All the "war on drugs" has achieved is to create the very cartels Americans keep whining about, incarcerate millions of nonviolent "offenders" and criminalize both the streets and the police stuck fighting this nonsensical "war". Pablo Escobar was smuggling cigarettes and porn before he discovered cocaine and Miami. He was small time with a big S, made big by the USA and its confused attempts to react to a minor cocaine problem in Miami. The US government drove the price sky high with this, and made Escobar one of the richest people in the world in the process. Just one example of the empowered stupidity that governs the USA.
    Legalization, import tariffs, prescriptions for heavy drugs. Problem solved if it had been implemented at any point since, and good 'ol Pablo would have been back to cigarettes and porn. No more crime in the streets in the USA, at least over drugs; young people at work instead of rotting in slave labor prisons, no decades of destructive turf wars in Colombia and elsewhere and perhaps even an end to political and police corruption caused by this massive, yet illegal revenue stream in the entire western hemisphere. Plus the profits from these markets would naturally have been more dispersed, rather than all ending up in the pockets of people like Escobar. Because people like that are going to profit of this inevitable situation until the drugs are legalized and therefore opened up to legitimate competition. As long as drugs are illegal, criminals will by default completely own all these billion dollar industries because no one else can engage in them, and the results will be corresponding. They have been corresponding for decades now. Empowering criminals is all it has achieved. You have to wonder as well whether that was the plan all along though. Because how can someone be so stupid as to not understand this basic stuff? Much less someone in a position of power? It doesn't seem possible. Although, you never can tell where corruption ends and idiocy begins with politicians. All we can do is speculate.

  8. Future humans will look back at the war on drugs as an absolute failure, a disgraceful act that wasted billions of tax payer money and destroyed families and individual lives. Yeah it's cool to get a crackhead off the street from time to time but it's hard to argue the benefits when the cons out number the pros of the war on drugs 10:1. Truly sad how government can be so delusional.

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