1. Marjuana is 100 times safer and healthier than alcohol or tobacco. If alcohol and tobacco are legal then so should be Marjuana. Brother teacher makes a good point, so IMO there needs to be some type of government regulatory body that inspects and certifies genuine adulterated Marjuana.

  2. Yes, we Know, that Pot, is Definitely, a VERY Profitable Business. This has been Used, for YEAR'S, Before ever Thinking about Becoming Legal.The last several year's, the Thought Process, about the Profit from it, has been brought to the Forefront.We can also speak to the Legal Drug's. Every one of them, Has the Potential, of Causing Side-Affect's, as well. Everyone's Body Chemistry, Re-act's Differently. Even Food, may Cause Allergic Re-Action's, in Certain People. Just because the FDA, say's Something is Safe, does Not Mean, that it Is. Legal Drug's, Are a Billion's of Dollar Industry as well. Big Pharma, will Not Put Their Stamp, on Herb's, because They Know, that They Truly HELP People, and there Isn't as Much " Meat on the Bone," for Them. Look. HOW Alcohol, Has Ruined, and Caused the Loss Of LIVE'S. It's also, like Gun's. People Can Get Them, Without a Permit or a License. Drug's, Have Alway's, Been the Same Way. They, in THEMSELVE'S, are Not Harmless, it's the Person Using it, that Make's it Harmful. The Same, goes for Drug's. It is Impossible, to Control Either. It Will, Forever Be That Way. In Vegas, it is a Fact, that "1" in "4" People, Are ON, and or, Under the Influence, of Something, whether it's a Legal, or Non-Legal Substance, or Alcohol.That's Pretty Scary, when you Think About It !!! With Any of This, It's About Being Responsible.

  3. Illinois has lost its legislative mind on this stuff. This isn't Woodstock where 1 to 3g of THC got you plenty high. Now its a legal proposal for 20 to 25g and 4 plants at home harvested twice a year. Thats 8 pounds of sychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia ? How many blunts is that? What about fillers ? Yes, its a great filler for edibles like brownies, cookies, and gummy bears. Put the dispensaries 500 ft from schools and parks. Thats a block and a half. Kids are going to get it anyway. The street will sell cheaper than the tax regulated stock. Becoming a martial artist very early, I was hard wired. Two things I took seriously against any substance : Lee's passing and the "French Connection." The sixties failed, the hippie was buried courtesy of Charles Manson, and " do it till you're satisfied…whatever it is" was only a tune, not an anthem. Personally, I never found the need for anything artificial to help me relax or have a good social hour. Good works and workouts did that. I always thought that would impair reaction time anyway. Gum up your neuron and synaptic transmission permanently? No good feeling of any sort is worth mortgaging your body and spirit to that witchcraft. Didn't mean to sermonize.

  4. Yes it should be. It is good for PTSD, pain, and other ailments. The seeds are healthy and contain omega 3 (I buy the hemp seeds at the health store and mix them in my morning drink). The hemp can be used to make line, paper, and clothing. Can be used to make biodegradable plastic. And the oil from it can be used for cleaner environmental friendly fuel. Now if it was ever legalized acrossed the board, it would have to be regulated like it is in Colorado. You made a good point. You never know what you find from dealers on the street. And I would never buy it from dealers. I would get it legally; and one day I hope I can without the federal law. And the sad thing is; that if I ever could get medical marijuana today they take away a licence and a persons guns. So I opt not to get it or even try for it. I just take the stuff from health stores. The seeds to eat and oil to rub. And the oil to rub on is better than lidocane patches. It relaxes my sore muscles. And that is my take on it.

  5. Thank's. here in Uruguay is legal for entertainment use. can buy 40gs per week at drugstores under pre- registration. Also its allowed to have 6 plants at home. too bad! very bad smell too!

  6. I understand that a lot of people want it legal but even if your State legalizes at your job does not have to accept the person working for them who is under that influence. They can regulate and drug screen as often as they like. Where alcohol is out of your system quickly… Marijuana can be detected for months

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