CBD Oil 101: Doctor Explains for ABSOLUTE beginners

INTRO TO CBD OIL 01:08 What is CBD Oil? 01:27 Hemp vs Marijuana 02:43 What does CBD do? 04:19 CBD as medicine? 04:55 Studies on CBD? 06:27 Is …


  1. I recently bought a full spectrum CBD Oil with terpenes from bioMDplus. I’m really sensitive to THC so the fact that this even exist is amazing. https://biomdplus.com/ if you are looking for an effective product without the "high" but that has all the benefits of CBD I highly recommend their products.

    Lots of great educational content on their website as well.

  2. I’ve been using various CBD products for over 5 years to treat chronic pain and anxiety, but the only one that really works is Mima Remedies. The full-spectrum oil from Mima Remedies has been a life-saver, and it’s actually affordable at $0.06/mg of CBD.

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  4. Only the people who have been growing and produced it for centuries are experts like snoop dog actually knows more about it than your typical dr. And your family doctor will dismiss it without actually knowing what it is due to the false stigma about it.

  5. I took multiple forms of quality CBD (full spectrum/broad spectrum): drops, gummies, water soluble/oil, vape, in tea, over the course of 4 months with h/o of chronic neck pain (C1 Laminectomy) and sleep issues. I was spending roughly $60 for 10-14 days of treatment. I found that at best, it helped with the onset of pain and in conjunction with melatonin (1mg daily) my ability to fall asleep had improved. I don't feel it relieved me of pain, just limited it, and my overall quality of sleep did not improve. For $120 a month, the minor pain alleviation and ability to fall asleep faster (but not overall better) was not worth it. Pain medication applied (muscle relaxer, Tylenol, Ibuprofen) as necessary, and stronger melatonin have not only improved my overall relief, but at exponentially less cost. If it becomes covered by insurance or reduced cost, I would reconsider it for pain management purposes, but the costs remain comparitively prohibitive.

  6. Theres more to just oil, but this video is great, I have taken about 100mgs a day for two months and never felt better, the downside?

    Price. That's where I thought I would buy bulk and try to sell it, didn't work out as planned if anyone wants at cost, go to element earth cbd and I guarantee you get it at a few bucks higher than true cost, which the few bucks go to the greedy processor….

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