1. Cancer survivor here (stage 2 colon cancer 2.5 years ago). The pills made me sick, made me loopy and made it hard to poop. Edibles gave me the only thing close to a normal life during abnormal times. I still had good days and bad days but I could actually play with my kids and watch tv with them. On all those pills all I did was sleep and vomit.

  2. This is a very sensitive topic for many people. I’ve lost my grandmother to cancer and my aunt overcame a battle with gallbladder cancer. People going through this for the first time really need to realize this is just the way life is. Bad stuff is bound to happen to you and your family. Personally I think a more depressing experience would be to actually have cancer yourself. And the psychological effects of that I don’t have the right to speak on cause I’ve been blessed thankfully with lots of health throughout my life. However no matter the circumstance when bad things happen people need to fall down, recover and come back stronger like Chycho mentioned.

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