Big chief extracts review

What’s going on bubbadafoo gang I’m back with another banger this time I got Big Chief extracts cart this right here gets 5 Stars I love it and I would love to try the …


  1. That's that FAKE OG cuzzo. No big chief come like that the Ca is onda side and its fully wrapped wit barcode sticker on back. You got that backyard bullshit refill. Be smooth on what you smokin on

  2. After 9:17 them effects are spot on brutha ain't gonna cap that's how I be feeling my heart's beating fast I be feeling like I'm bouda pass out I'm subbing bruh u funny as hell and I'm not even high

  3. I searched for this cartridge and your video popped up so I clicked on it. The moment you started talking ghetto as fuck I said "oh hell no!" dislike, comment, and then Im out! Lmao wow

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