How to grow weed in tiny stealth grow box – Episode 7 – NEW APP REVEAL

Hey guys, sorry it’s taken us forever to upload this video… Things are moving and we’ll soon have some sweet news for you; stay tuned! Anyways, welcome to …


  1. I'm growing in a similar space that is slightly taller in a diy grow cabinet. I'm curious what your yeild was? I'm trying to determine how much i'll harvest from my grow. TIA !

  2. So I have a question for you guys. I plan on buying one of the light sets soon to go with a grow box I am designing. Do you guys help with light layouts in a custom box, or would you be willing to take a look? I am working on my first grow box.

  3. Do you weigh your harvests? How many ounces does one of those produce? Max from a legal indoor grow in a dedicated grow room for me, was 4 ounces. Just wondering how much your tiny space grow produces.

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