The psychology of post-traumatic stress disorder – Joelle Rabow Maletis

Get informed on the science behind post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, its symptoms and how the brain reacts to trauma. — Many of us will experience some …


  1. Hi everyone, it looks like we made a mistake. Our apologies! Please note that the fight-or-flight response is characteristic of the sympathetic, not the parasympathetic functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Thanks to those of you who also flagged the error. We're working on updating the video.

  2. I know that this video is old and sorry for my english, I'm French but I'm kind of hopeless… I have all these symptoms but I don't know what my trauma is… I've never lived a traumatic situation… Is this possible to have all the symptoms (Nightmares, anxiety, weird flashbacks etc…) without any trauma…? So weird… Idk what to do

  3. can ptsd make you potray emotions even though your not actually fealing them lik efor example if your afraid frightend and you feel like your gonna be killed and then you start laughing and smiling in a panicked way because of the flash back you just had.

    is that a part of ptsd???

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  5. I always have memories of my horrible past, but lately the traumatic symptoms have been triggered by a very similar experience. It is the worst! Some days I’m ok, other days I go into depression mode!

    But when it happens, I have learnt to not allow my fears to control me.
    I play music and sing!!

    Try doing what you love in that moment.
    It helps.

  6. hello there! i’ve been having horrible flashbacks for over 6 years now. everything described in the video links up with everything i have experienced. but the traumas are little small things that has happen in my life, that builds up over time. idk if its ptsd but whatever it is i would really like to stop. even the usual things i do, it just comes and i freeze and feel like want it to smash out of my head.

  7. I got PTSD from my bf cheating on me with my minor biological little sister in my own home. I didn’t know I had PTSD from that trauma, until 2 weeks after. I have all the symptoms, not the shaking(tremors) that slowly went away it was embarrassing. Seeing a therapist but otp due to a virus and I still need to see a psychiatrist… I’m over with what happened but I can’t stop going through the feeling everyday. It’s worse than having depression. I’ve had depression before for 3 years. PTSD is way worse. I hope I get better one day:) it’s been 3 months

  8. I can totally understand that you have flashbacks about what the person did to you and it is like it is happening all over again and with someone with PTSD you have to be kind and show them that just because you was gaslighted or abused doesn't mean it will happen again but people with PTSD in there mind when you get a flashback it is like it it happing all over again but some people and if the person used to be out going and would say it how it is it is possible that they might have changed sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst

  9. This video is horrendous…..along with the music it is stressful and triggering…..I can't believe the organisers thought this was a good idea…..within the first few minutes my heart of racing and there were tears in my eyes…… absolutely irresponsible…..

  10. Have you ever died be4? Its a serious question. Illusion of self is shattered, one simply cease to be. Though it may not seem that way to others. But you know it, you can feel it. Like a stranger in your own body, an imposter…. and nothing is the same ever again

  11. This video is spot on. I’m a survivor of severe trauma from my teens. A combination of talk therapy, exercise, and medication helps me manage my PTSD. The Body Keeps the Score and Wired For Joy are two books that helped me during my relapse last year.

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