1. i shouldn't be such a tool snob — but i am. they don't say snap-on or mac on the side of them. that said, surely they are made of poor quality chinese steel but i suppose you won't use them to torque head bolts. i just bought a case of stainless steel screws from china. they are so soft that i can chew one in half. using them ruins my projects. clearly i'm conflicted. thanks for the video. they are always excellent. these garbage companies will put the quality tool companies out of business one by one. so shame on you for buying them.

  2. One of the best small engine repair channels ever !! Один из лучших каналов по ремонту двигателей малого объема !

  3. I used to think ratcheting wrenches were just a cute novelty, then I bought some. I don't know how I ever got along without them! I like the stubby ratchet idea, may have to check those out.

  4. Ya that little bit driver, love that one. I dont respond to alot of your videos but i watch alot of your video's like the ms 260 aftermarket cylinder set . I have some homelites that just kick ass. for the price. I got to get around to. A balance fixture crankshaft. And i love the lathe mill just make sure everything is tightend down befor you hit that lever get like a blue dro with the graphical "points" the fixture's ,puller's and just stuff you can dream up will pay for itself swap it from the mill/lathe same display. if they offer glass scales for like a 24" length those Igauging ones are reeel hard to get right on the long and tool sharpening endmills like the "quorn" tool and cutter grinder if you have the time it's a funny story to read really , and the kit would be a cool lengthy project but the accute tool rest is the simplest most versitile gets your tools sharp now. those little bit driver's though and 1/4 drive short shorty wabble extension and the 18" long 1/4 drive extension all good stuff to have

  5. Those look very useful, an alternative with benefit in some situations of rotary handle such as a FACOM R.360PB 1/4″ Dr. TWIST HANDLE RATCHET as an example I am not necissaraly recomending Falcom . Love your clear consice videos

  6. Love your videos have helped me save money and time. The one ratchet that is bits only can easily be fitted with a socket bit 1/4 or 3/8 drive and ready to except sockets. I have similar ratchets in my truck toolbox as well as shop use a lot that way.

  7. Hey, nice tool tip. As a total tool geek I love stuff like that.
    Quick engine-related question: The engine on my lawnmower is a Briggs&Stratton (550 E series). After I've been mowing for about an hour the engine starts to misfire a lot. Before that it runs absolutely smoothly. The spark plug is new and the problem hasn't occurred for months after I changed it last year. Any idea as to what may be the problem here?

  8. Hey Dony, Love everything you publish but the primary Amazon screen accessed upon clicking on the link you provided, says it doesn't ship the Keenso ratchet to Quebec (I guess that applies to all of Canada), Somewhat disappointing that our (top) man from Muskoka promotes tools with a link that won't deliver.

  9. I have a handheld Stihl blower – what maintenance should I be doing? Can't find any videos on this – just completed a full maintenance on my stihl trimmer and thought the blower needs it….You the Man to do it!

  10. my problem last week was not the size of the ratchet; on an old tecumseh I had to remove the carb I would need to remove the muffler because the carb nut was too close to carb body (no socket could get around it), and I needed a very thin socket and a some sort of flexible shaft just to remove the muffler; I can't figure how anyone assembled that…!

  11. Another brand I'm really starting to like a lot and as much as snap-on if not even better in a lot of hand tools is gearwrench but I know it's a matter of time when Gearwrench starts raising their prices on everything but now they have a wide variety of tools even air impact tools

  12. You can get those small ratchets in a lot of Brands and I mainly used snap-on tools but I have a wide variety of friends and I buy most of my snap-on stuff used but I have never had bad luck with the small ratchets like those unless it's using the blue point ratchet in those sizesand the blue point small mini ratchet seems to have too much space in between the gearing on the teeth and its really useless in a lot of close places

  13. I have a cheap mini socket set i bought years ago, it has no brand and cost only 3 pounds (About 5 dollars canadian).
    The neat little sockets are ideal for times where ordinary sockets just don't fit.
    It's very cheap and I admit i bought it on an impulse, but it has been handy 😀
    It has a 1.25 inch extention, so cute lol.

  14. Cool little ratchets.
    I always end up using my 1/4 drive craftsman ratchet with a regular 1/4" socket but the bit will fall out. A really handy little thing is a reversible 1/4" ratchet wrench. I use mine a good bit to remove float bowls that have #2 Phillips head screws and chainsaw carbs. Chainsaw carbs can be a pain in the ass to remove on some saws without ripping 1/2 the damn saw apart.

  15. A tool I find handy is a Snap-on 3/8" drive spinner ratchet thumb wheel attached to a Snap-on 3/8" sliding T-handle breaker bar. I have found it to be excellent in tight spaces and highly recommend purchasing if you can find them.

  16. Thanks Donny. Jesus is almost here. Ask to be saved in His name. Amen. That's awesome 👍. Thanks Donny you help me to know how to fix my old mower. Thank you. 2006 Cub Cadet. Oh my.

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